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Emergency Dentistry

Photo of a boy with a toothache.
Call us if you have a dental emergency!

Sometimes you need to see a dentist urgently and unexpectedly.  This may be due to a sports injury, for denture repairs, when a tooth is knocked out, when a tooth becomes chipped or broken, or when you have a toothache.

Our dentists keep aside a limited number of appointments each day for genuine emergencies.  These appointments are released at 8:00am on the day and are not available prior to then.  They are scheduled on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis, meaning that these appointments are offered to the first phone calls answered after 8:00am onwards.

If a tooth is knocked out and you have the tooth, you should visit your dentist immediately so the tooth can be replaced as soon as possible.

  • If the tooth is clean – place it straight back into the socket.
  • If the tooth is dirty – wash the tooth in milk or have the patient gently suck it clean before placing it back into the socket.
  • If you can’t replace it – wrap the tooth in cling film or store it in milk.