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Avoiding the Dentist this Christmas


The festive season is rolling in and we are sure seeing it here at DBay Dental!

As the Christmas period rolls around over the years we have noticed that we have an influx of patients at this time. Some due to holidays and some due to dental emergencies. Even though we love seeing our patients, it is a very busy time and can make it difficult for us to see everyone promptly, so we would like to tell you how to avoid Christmas dental emergencies this year.

1 – Where possible avoid hard foods: Christmas is a great time for eating but some of the most common dental injuries occur from eating pork crackling or nuts.

2 – Remember that cherries and olives have pips: With the excitement and large verity of Christmas foods we often overlook pips and seeds. Teeth are often chipped or cracked due to the extreme amount of force that can subconsciously be placed on our teeth when biting into something that is unexpectedly hard.

3 – Toffees are the enemy. For people with multiple restorations Toffees can be detrimental. Due to the stickiness of this sweet treat, compromised fillings can be removed when chewing on toffees.

4 – Assess the depth of a pool before diving: This time of year, as everything heats up, is the perfect time for a swim in sunny Queensland. A lot of patients however come to us having chipped, broken or lost front teeth due to diving into the floor of a swimming pool. Please pay close attention to little ones as they are most at risk of this common dental injury.

5 – Ride with care and safety gear: Bicycles, scooters and skateboards are great gifts but are often the cause of many dental injuries. Many children fall from learning how to ride their new scooter, skateboard or bicycle and the result is often injury to front teeth.  

6 – A glass of water always helps: As always, we encourage good oral hygiene. It is always a good idea to have a glass of water after anything sweet or just to give your teeth a rinse.

7 – Participate in water sport with care: Water sports can get quite rough and this is another frequent culprit for chipping, knocking out or breaking teeth.

As always the staff at DBay Dental are more then happy to see and treat any dental emergencies over the Christmas period. DBay Dental will remain open (please see Christmas opening hours) throughout this period, only being closed for the Christmas and New Year public holidays. 

We wish all of our patients a safe a wonderful Christmas.

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