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Is Coffee Affecting Your Smile?



Everyone loves a good cup of coffee. Whether it’s used to kick start your day or consumed socially with friends, no one can deny enjoying this delicious caffeinated drink. But could coffee be doing you more harm than good? While the caffeine in coffee is most well-known for ‘waking us up’ with the alertness it creates it can also have some nasty side effects to your teeth.

Apart from causing staining to your teeth coffee can also help the bacteria in your mouth create acids which can lead to tooth erosion and of course sugar plays a big partalso. Most people have sugar in their coffee or flavoured syrup such as caramel which again can lead to cavities.

So does this mean we should skip our morning pick me up?

Of course not! Coffee also has some great health benefits but like everything it should be consumed in moderation along with making better choices to keep your teeth happy too. We have some tips below to help you with your next coffee purchase.

1. ‘’I’ll have a small please”

It’s always best to opt for a small size when ordering your coffee. The smaller the coffee, the less sugar you will be consuming. It will not only be cheaper, but give you your caffeine hit in moderation too.  

2. “Can I have a hazelnut latte please?”

Flavoured coffees are extremely popular but they can be made with up to 10 pumps of flavoured syrup! One average, one pump of flavoured syrup can equal 5g of sugar. Imagine how much sugar your body would be consuming in just one drink! It’s recommended to forgo the flavoured syrups, but if this is something you’re unable to go without ask the barista to use half the pumps they usually would. Trust us, your teeth will thank you.

3. “No caramel drizzle today”

When buying coffee from a café you’re always given the option for extras. These extras come in the form of caramel or chocolate drizzle, whipped cream, marshmallows and sprinkles.  By saying no to just one of these extras you’ll be saving your teeth from unnecessary sugar consumption.

We hope these tips help with your next coffee purchase so you can keep smiling bright.

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