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It’s Compettition Time At DBay Dental!!





❓🧠Fun facts: Did you know that rabbits teeth 🦷 continuously grow and it takes approximately 400 beans to make 1lb (454g) of chocolate?😮 Whoa!

Now let’s have some fun!😃…We are calling on all who wants to participate in our fun game and if your guess is right you will win yourself a dentist recommended Oral B Vitality electric toothbrush!

🎉🎁 Whoop! Whoop!🥳

🕵️‍♀️Here’s the mystery: Can you guess how many chocolate eggs are in the jar?🤭🤓

Please note, there are two rules in this game:
Moreton Bay region residents only‼️
One guess per person‼️

Just head to our Facebook page to enter!!!!

Good Luck Everyone!🍀