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U Shaped Children’s Toothbrush Put To The Test!


Have you wondered about the sonic U shaped kids toothbrushes you’ve seen online? Do they work? Are the worth the hype?

Well Dr Ellen wondered just that so she put them to the test! 

Enlisting her son to help test out a children’s sonic mouth guard style toothbrush. They wanted to see how well it removed plaque.
He chewed curaprox plaque disclosing tablets after dinner, this dyes the plaque pink and purple so we can see it. Then they used the brush as per directions (letting it cycle through it’s vibrating settings as well as gently moving it side to side, Dr Ellen moved it up and down a bit too).
You can see in the before and after photos it did not remove much of the plaque especially around the gum lines. He found the whole things awkward and wanted to spit often as his saliva kept building up.
It needed a lot more toothpaste than a regular brush because the paste didn’t get spread around the mouth. Dr Ellen followed up with regular manual brushing and you can see how much cleaner the teeth are.
It also takes up a lot of space with its charging base.
Overall Dr Ellen called it a fail. If your child was not going to entertain the thought of a regular toothbrush and This got them to use something then perhaps there is a benefit. But overall ineffective, used a lot of toothpaste, takes up space and more expensive than a standard manual children’s toothbrush.

We know it can be difficult to get kids brushing their teeth, and sometimes a gimmick makes it fun and gets them excited. Dr Ellen just wanted to see if it actually removed plaque effectively which it did not.


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