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Dbay Dental – Your Dentist says, “Don’t Ditch Your Morning Coffee Just Yet!”


Here at Dbay Dental we regularly hear of patients worried about drinking tea and coffee and the effects it may have on their teeth.

As many of us here are regular tea and coffee drinkers, some of us refuse to give up our morning coffee!!

The first and main concern people have is their teeth being stained.  The reason behind the staining of teeth due to the consumption of tea, coffee and red wine is that they contain tannins. It is tannins that can lead to the staining and yellowing of your teeth over time.

Drinking tea and coffee softens the enamel on your teeth as it is acidic.  The acid is what damages the structure of the enamel on a microscopic level, this then allows the tannins to enter into your teeth causing the staining.

Limiting your tea and coffee intake and rinsing your mouth after consumption is a good way to limit damage to your teeth, especially if you add sugar or sweetener to your beverage.

Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing and having regular dental cleans and if staining does occur, there are whitening methods by your dentist that can help take those pesky stains away.  

On a positive note, one study done in recently in Brazil found that coffee destroys the bacteria that leads to plaque formation. 

So don’t feel bad in the morning while you are relaxing with your daily tea or coffee!