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Pregnancy and Dental Hygiene


Pregnancy and Dental Hygiene

Pregnancy is such a remarkable journey and we can see how your dental hygiene may not seem like a priority during this time. Between everything else that may be in need of balancing during this time we wanted to encourage your dental health through every stage of pregnancy.

A solid pre pregnancy dental hygiene routine is a great way to help build a positive future for yourself and also your unborn child.

  • Brushing your teeth twice daily with your choice of usual tooth paste.
  • Flossing between the teeth
  • Booking a pre pregnancy dental check up

 During pregnancy it is important to keep your teeth and gums healthy to minimize the risk of gum disease and to stop transfer of decay causing bacteria from you to your baby.

Moring Sickness, Acid Reflux and vomiting

Women who suffer from Morning Sickness, Acid Reflux and Vomiting are at higher risk for tooth erosion. Tooth erosion is the removal of the teeth’s protective surface which is called enamel and when you experience an acid attack caused by reflux or vomiting your teeth are subject to this damage. While we cannot avoid situations like this we can however, do our best to maintain and protect the teeth’s surface. Avoid brushing the teeth immediately as this may damage the softened enamel. Try immediately rinsing your mouth with water to wash the acid away and allow saliva to neutralise the acid.

Gum Disease and pregnancy

Some women may experience gum disease and gum inflammation in pregnancy due to natural hormone changes in the body. Some research has linked gum disease to the risk of premature birth. Signs of gum disease can include Bleeding gums, Red gums (rather than pink), Swollen gums and bad breath. Ensuring you maintain good oral hygiene both before and during pregnancy is this best defence to ensure your oral health is adequate.

While we encourage pregnant women to see there dentist during any stage of their pregnancy the safest time for any dental treatment is in the second trimester.

You can book online or phone the clinic for an appointment 3203 0162.