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The Importance Of Making Flossing A Daily Habit!




The importance of making flossing a daily habit

Flossing is an important daily habit that we should partake in!

Daily flossing removes  the plaque from areas such as under the gum line and between teeth. Flossing daily helps to prevent gum disease, bad breath and tooth decay.

The best time to floss is straight after you have brushed, and before rinsing, this can help make flossing easier and it also helps get the fluoride from the toothpaste between your teeth.

If you feel you would like to perfect your flossing techniques are in need of some assistance, all of our friendly dentists here at DBay Dental are always willing to help and show you the correct way!  

Quite often, patients are using an incorrect technique and could be causing damage to the gum area.

An important part of your daily oral care routine should include flossing, so perfect that flossing habit and maintain your teeth by incorporating a good oral care hygiene and of course six monthly check ups!

All the staff at DBay Dental are happy to help with any concerns so contact us today us today either via the phone on 3203 0162 or our online bookings at www.dbaydental.com.au

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